Sunday, 15 October 2017

#SexySnippets with a non sexy snippet ;)

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which is brought to you by all the authors who participate, and the hard work of Doris o'Connor who sets it all up.

Seven sentences from a book or WIP.

Sometimes hot and sometimes not, Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but hopefully all the time good—not bad.

This week I'm sharing something different. Cheating a bit I guess, but please bear with me. It's not sexy in the conventional sense, because it's from my next YA book which is out very soon. But it is a teasing snippets and hey,  Leira and Donny have their problems in the love or not together or not HEA or not scenario, just like older people do.

(Leira and Donny belong to a The Shalean Sept of Leopard shifters and live in the Trossachs in Scotland. In Shalea when you reach puberty you grow into your powers and often realise who your mate will be. Donny knows Leira will be his, but she is not sure. Sparks fly.

Shaleans project their thoughts to each other. It's Leira's birthday and she's sitting near the river thinking about her future when Donny arrives.

I came to wish you a happy sixteenth birthday, Leira— and to claim you as my own.
Bite me, no chance, I’ll never belong to anyone other than me. Why couldn’t he get that into his thick head?
His growl of amusement rolled around the clearing and she wanted to wipe that stupid grin off his jowls. Whoever said leopards couldn’t smile was dead wrong—they could, and boy Donny did.

Bite you, Leira? Oh, I intend to, and soon. and then, we will belong to each other—that’s my promise and my oath.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Super Book Saturday~~~Torn Avenger from Lea Bronsen

It's Saturday and...

Welcome to Super book Saturday. Today I'm lucky enough to be able to showcase Lea Bronsen's latest, Torn Avenger.

Hi, and thank you for hosting me on your blog!

When asked what inspires me to write books, I usually say it’s something I’ve seen or heard, or I’ve been challenged to dig deeply into my imagination and come up with a crazy idea. This time, it was a premade cover. The moment I saw this dark, sensual, slightly homo erotic image of a half-naked man in a fur coat on an exquisitely colored background, I knew it had to be mine. I decided in which historical period to set the story – the obscure, mythical age of the Vikings – and the ensuing process plunged me into an exciting and not so foreign world where everyday heroes lived the same dramas and battled for the same values and desires as we do in modern society. I hope you enjoy the read!

As the second son of a Viking earl, Alv Gunnulfsen wasn't meant to inherit a throne or avenge a murder. But when his brother is slain during a raid and their father dies of grief, Alv is expected to take command and claim the killer's death. In a world of ruthless retaliation and strict social codes, he must also maneuver cleverly to protect a troublesome secret: his attraction for men.

Roeland van Dijk, a wealthy Dutch merchant settled in Norway, has done the unthinkable to protect his family — hacked off the head of a Viking rapist. The wrath of the blond savages will cost him his freedom, and possibly his own head… Unless he's willing to accept the love of another man.

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After a moment, Alv looked up again and almost gasped from the erotic vision in front of him. While shaving Roeland, he’d only seen his wet, hairy chest and stomach, but the handsome man moved to a kneeling position in the basin and washed his lower body. His stunning maleness made Alv hot and bothered. They had discussed, argued, shared personal details, and apologized to each other, but now, the seriousness of their conversation faded. The sight of Roeland’s cock bathing in white foam between his legs had Alv’s own cock jolt and press painfully against his pants.

Oh, Roeland attracted him on several levels—mental, emotional, and physical—and Alv longed to discover and develop more of everything with him. Hedin was an exciting lover, but nothing like what Roeland had the potential to be.

Speaking of Hedin, it’d been a surprise to see him again this morning, right after Elke left. He’d arrived in a terrible mood and refused to excuse his disappearance act. It was outrageous of a slave to come and go like that, but Alv had too much on his mind to think of punishing him.

For one, he worried about Roeland’s future. He’d inherited part of Father’s wealth, but not his title. After returning to Eðni, he’d claimed to be the only one who could decide of what to do with his brother’s murderer, but it wasn’t true. He had no standing, no support from his fellow citizens. They could choose to kill Roeland if they wanted to—all it took was a word from Mother. It made her idea to have Alv marry Elke and adopt the community’s natural heir that much more important to push through.

“There’s something we need to talk about,” he said, hoping Roeland wouldn’t oppose to the plan.


“Normally, I would ask you, but since you’re not in a position to make decisions, I’m just going to tell you.”

“About what?” Roeland frowned.

“I’m marrying your sister.”

Roeland stood so fast in the basin, water splashed to all sides. He stepped out and leaned into Alv’s face. “Don’t you dare to touch her!”

“But I’m not…”

“Hasn’t she suffered enough?” Roeland bellowed, his dark eyes slit with anger.

By Thor, he was insanely sexy, standing naked and wet, so near Alv could feel his damp bodily heat, water drippling from his hair and rolling alongside his tanned, chiseled cheeks. Alv couldn’t help hardening more, and needed to focus on the words that came out of Roeland’s luscious mouth to be able to answer. “She has already accepted.”

 About the author

Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, and dark erotic romance.

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Coming Oct. 20

A dark erotic crime ménage by Lea Bronsen

If you like your men dangerous and dirty…

Ruthless drug lord Ricardo “El Loco” Ferrer launders his black money by investing in movie productions. As a teen, he learned to enjoy blow jobs in jail. Now a man of power, his favorite pastime is checking out new acting talent…and convincing them to “please” the team of producers.

Young wannabe actor Jaden Moore comes to a shady side of town to audition for a movie part. He longs to shine, wants to walk the red carpet with cameras flashing and a crowd cheering. He assures the film director and the investors he’ll do anything to reach the top, but is he willing to comply with their dirty fantasies?

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

#SexySnippets with an idea of something strange

Hi all and welcome to sexy snippets

For some reason I woke up with a Kera Faire story in my head. It's very vague at the moment but this stuck in my mind.

Castle Chaill

The moment he saw it, Lachlan Del Otio knew it was the place he and his colleagues were looking for.
On the edge of a cliff, overlooking the river many feet below and with only one narrow, steep and winding track to it, it gave them all the security they needed.
He stood on the roof, and looked around the area. All his land, and perfect for what he and his handpicked band needed.
A place to interrogate, investigate and inveigle.
Because in this day and age, there were too many people who were not prepared to work for the good of their country and not enough people to stop them.
Which was where Lachlan—Scottish mother, Italian papa—and his team came in.
Their job was to sort out the goodies from the baddies and ensure peace was any price, and that included a private life.

so what do you think?

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

A bit of a you do

Well, recently I was in the USA. Whistle stop no time (sadly) to meet up with people but apart from that, so enjoyed it.

But the one thing I missed? GF bread at a decent price. Grief I paid 7$ for a loaf in Philadelphia. Now I know that is stupid prices (Rittenhouse Square) but at least I was able to have toast. How can hotels say 'oh yes we do gluten free' and not have bread? Beats me.

Anyway's up (as I used to say) I found places to please me. And Cape Cod was one of them. (fab house great food)

Superb views and okay mixed weather, but <3 it.

(one of my fav pics)

(it was a bit nippy)

Anyway, this blog is by way of a 'I've not been on much'. Because when my lovely hubby and I actually get some time together, I tend not to be around. And now I won't be around much cos of the washing, ironing, and bleeping housework.

Ah well it is worth it because of the holiday,

love to all, and back with a vengeance soon,

Raven x

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

#MidWeekTease...where the ladies are preparing to dance

(Taken from the story I'm updating... Ladies of London)

The pandemonium in the dressing room was indescribable. Girls in various states of undress chattered as they donned costumes, masks, and rouge. Tonight there were six of them. The troupe was elastic on purpose. Never more than twelve, never less than five. All willing and eager to find time for rehearsals and the events themselves. Each girl had signed a confidentiality contract, and in a reversal of usual practice, had paid to become a part of the troupe. If any member of the Ton got a hold of those contracts, all hell would be let loose. It was no wonder the solicitor in charge was one of the brothers of La Bella Isabella. As was often said, a younger brother. She shuddered to think what her other brothers would make of it all.
"My petticoat keeps slipping, and it won't tie any tighter."
"Has anyone seen my mask?"
"Who's on first?"
"How long have we got?"
"I can only find one shoe."
Questions, pleas, and general chitchat vied to be heard. Anyone walking past would have thought there were sixty girls in the room, not six.
She clapped her hands for silence. Dressed in an elaborate gold and silver mask, which covered the top half of her face, with a silver scarf loosely covering her hair—making it impossible to know what color it was—and a swirling, sensual slither of a dress—gold and silver and hinting of all manner of things—it was obvious; here was the boss. La Bella Isabella herself.
"Ladies, please. We have fifteen minutes." She proceeded to answer questions patiently. "Margot, is it your petticoat? Don't forget it should have your stage name sewn into it, not your real one."
Margot laughed, groaned, and took the offending garment off.
"Exactly. Louisa, your mask is where you left it by your dressing table. Susannah, you are holding your other shoe." There was a general laugh at this, Susannah being notoriously absentminded; her head was usually in a book, except when she was on stage.

"Now, remember, this is all about illusions. No nudity, no crudity. They may imagine they see our breasts, our bodies. But we know they actually see less than when we accompany them in a waltz."

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