Sunday, 19 November 2017

#SexySnippets where a water bottle causes some interesting moments

Hi all and welcome to #SexySnippets

Yesterday I was on a tram in Edinburgh with what seemed like a million Rugby fans off to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play The All Blacks. (Scotland lost) 
We were squashed in like sardines before the doors opened and some more people got on.

What happened next is my #SexySnippets with a bit more added. It's definitely woven into a WIP.

No idea what you could call this...

What on earth possessed her to grab a tram to the park and ride when there was an international at Murrayfield and half the carriage was trying to do the Haka—when they were squashed in like sardines and the other half was singing 'oh ye cannae shove yer granny aff the bus'?

The carriage doors opened and somehow even more people squeezed in. 

Sandy stood her ground; it was that or have the holding pole rammed between her boobs...and what the hell was pressed up against her ass? 

"Sorry," a deep rumbling and oh god, sexy as hell voice came from behind her, "I'm  bit too close for comfort I know and oh god, I'm mortified. It's a water bottle honestly, and to prove it I'll show you when I get off and can move my hand and not be even more personal, or get my balls in a vice."

The doors opened, people streamed out and Sandy watched as a full bottle of water was waved over her head, and its owner came into view.

Her heart missed a beat and hot shards of arousal darted over her body...he was drop dead gorgeous and he smiled at her as he blew her a kiss, and shite, he got out of the tram and heading for the stadium.

(Okay I know I've taken liberties because those sentences have too many comma splices, etcetera, and they wouldn't normally, but I hope you'll forgive me.)

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

#MidWeekTease where normal service has resumed. Well as normal as service is around here

I say as normal as service is around here, because today I'm a cat on a hot tin roof. Probably, by the time you read it (if indeed you do read it and your eyes aren't glazed over by now, because I won't blame you if they are) I'll have shared my oh so exciting big news. If you are indeed on the ball and still reading before around 4pm UK time, then you'll have to wait impatiently, like me.

So to help you pass the time here's my #MidWeekTease


Working title Amanda and the Duke

...Amanda acknowledged she was bored. The duke was conspicuous in his absence and she didn’t

 know whether to be pleased or not.

Now she was back in the capital with her time of grace almost up, her papa had made several heavy hints that it was time to move forward and begin to spend some time with the Duke. Not an easy task when he was nowhere to be seen. Careful and seemingly idle chit chat had told her he’d gone to one of his estates to sort out something to do with thatch and the bakers. It was annoying when she had at last come up with a plan of action, and didn’t help her nerves.
 After snapping at her brother, who snapped back, they ended up squabbling like children.
Margot, who arrived mid argument rolled her eyes, folded her arms and leaned against the wall. She was, she said later, prepared to be amused, as neither combatant seemed to realise she was there, even though the butler had announced her in stentorian tones.
Eventually Michael swung around, lunged for a cushion and noticed her. His mouth dropped open, and his face suffused with colour.
‘I...’ he stammered and dropped the cushion like a hot coal.
 ‘You are... oh lord...’ Amanda’s lips twitched. 'Margot. How long have you been there?’
‘Long enough to hear you call him a cloth headed buffoon,' Margot reported. ‘And he to say you dance like a herd of forest ponies on the rampage. Then of course...’
“Enough,’ Michael said hastily. I’m sorry you were privy to all our childishness.’
Amanda laughed. ‘Not all of it, Michael. She’d be using your smelling salts if she had.’
'Enough of it to show us both in a bad light... My what?’ he roared. “I do not have smelling salts’. His lips twitched. ‘You wretch.’

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Monday, 13 November 2017

The gluten free authors guide to goodies—or not

Hi again...

Yes it's me chatting about food. Well when you have to read labels carefully it's a big thing, food.

It's great that so many people are now labelling gluten free foods as such, but so often it's not that easy to find out what coatings or whatever are on a pre-pack, or on ready meal or whatever.

Now before you all pelt me with rotten tomatoes (they're gluten free of course) I know the best thing is not to buy stuff that has sauces, coatings or crumbs. 

Sometimes though it's not that easy. And I swear on some foods you need a magnifying glass to read the list of ingredients. Even the ones in bold.

And you know, when you think about it. Why do you need wheat flour or bread in say,  sausage? Just to make the filling go further? 

Okay that's enough moaning. I do want to give a big shout out to those fantastic suppliers who use natural ingredients and provide superb food. Thinking Heck, The Black Farmer and Debbie and Andrew's for sausages. To say nothing of the supermarkets who now stock their own. 

The fish in g-f breadcrumbs, the scampi and pastries. All food that I accept isn't necessary but is oh so lovely.

Thank you all.

Happy eating,

love, Raven x

P.S. Dear Genius, why can't I get nan bread or croissants any more? I miss them both.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

#SexySnippets... With something a little different

Hi all and welcome to this week's #SexySnippets.

Did you know,  the lovely Doris O'Connor (who we have to thank for setting this up every week) has her birthday today? (21 and a bit ;) )
So instead of 7 sentences from a book or WIP...

My seven sentences are about my bestie, my reditor, the mother of my grandson.

Who has a great hubby.

Doris is loyal and hard working.

Her writing makes you hunt out a fan and use it.

Or hunt out your significant other.

She's always there for me.

Makes me laugh. 

If you saw some of our skype conversations you'd wonder what planet we're on.

I bless the day we discovered each other. We live at opposite ends of the country but that doesn't matter.

Happy Birthday, Doris. Hope it's as great as you. 


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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

#MidWeekTease or not

Hi All, this is a weird post in that it is actually an apology.

At this moment I can't get into my files to post an excerpt. 

Should I make something up?

Hmm my mind is blank. 

My heroine is about to try and talk to her hero—alone. Not easy in Regency Times. She's not listening to me when I whisper...'chaperone'.

He, of course, just smiles sardonically and does that annoying raise one eyebrow thingy he achieves to great effect.

I foresee interesting times. When I can get into my files again.

So unless I can something either out of my mind or my files...

this is it.

normal service will be resumed next week...

happy reading


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love Raven x

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

#SexySnippets how to behave—or not

With this...

“En also said not to forget an elbow in the goolies is a good deterrent for wandering hands.”
 Nic moved his hand as if it had been stung. “Haven’t heard my bits and pieces called goolies in years. Trust En to remind me, and in such a forceful way.”

Bec reached under the blanket and put his hand back. “I didn’t say I agreed with him. And I have a feeling we’re going to need your goolies…later.”

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

#MidWeekTease Do or don't I?

Take one idea...
Mull it over...
Drink coffee...
Drink more coffee...
Go to the loo...
Make more coffee...
Stop procrastinating...

Make mind up...


WIP I don't know whether to finish or not...

She eyed up and purchased some sliced melon, paid for it and took a step back straight into a wall.
 Instead of staying sturdy and upright, this wall moved. It swayed, swore and something that had no right to act so forward, drilled into her denim-clad rear.
Er you what? Bec cranked her head round, followed it quickly with the rest of her body and looked up into impossibly midnight blue eyes of the guy from the fish stall. The one with the fine ass, and black over the shoulders curly hair, plus she now notice, a face half covered with non-designer stubble and a tan that definitely didn’t come out of a bottle.
Nor did the muscles or the top of a tattoo that showed under the short sleeve of his black t-shirt. A swift, hopefully unnoticed glance downward showed an impressive bulge under worn white at the seams, moulded to his body, jeans.
 Oh god. All her wet dreams in one hot bundle.
He winked again. Bec felt hot all over. Did that mean he had noticed her teensy downward look? She tried for a blank expression and was damned sure she failed miserably.
He grinned. “I, and my body say hello. Nic Starke at your service.” He chuckled. “Or is all of that a bit too much information? Sorry for the block you moving backwards stance. It was that or fall over a wee bloke with a mobile donut stall that seemed ready to spill hot fat on ever step he bumped it down. I judged a kick to the balls from you when you thought I was copping a feel was better than a burned ass or worse. The guy was jogging all over the place. I couldn’t help my instantaneous reaction. Sorry.”
 He noticed. Where was a hole to hide in when you needed it? Bec swallowed and tried a smile. “Sorry? Really?” Why on earth was her voice husky? She wasn’t trying for a sexy note, just doing her best to get enough saliva to speak.
He shrugged and grinned. “Nah, okay, sorry, not sorry. Miss?” He let the question hand in the air.
 Should she or shouldn’t she? She had her ‘rape’ alarm in her bag. They were in the middle of a busy street, blocking it even. Why not go for it?
 He tapped her arm and smiled. A bloody sexy, play your cards right, and you can have me smile. The sort that if you could bottle it you’d make a fortune from. The one that made every hormone in your body jump up and fight to be noticed.
“Whilst your deciding whether I’m harmless, I think maybe we need to go somewhere we can breath without rubbing up against each other. For me it’s a pleasure as we are, but I don’t want you to feel harassed, you understand.”
 She blinked and spluttered. Thank goodness she hadn’t been drinking when he said that. “Is your middle name, chancer?”

 He laughed. “Should it be?”

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